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Why consolidate my debt?

One of the biggest repercussions of financial distress is the affect it has on your credit score. This is not something to shrug off. Just as the name implies, your credit score represents your creditworthiness, your ability to repay debts such as home loans, car loans, or credit cards.

Your credit score follows you like a shadow and affects your future ability to acquire credit... Please Read This!

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What is debt settlement?

One option people have to help themselves out of financial distress is debt settlement. Debt settlement is a process to eliminate your outstanding debts for less than the amount actually owed to your creditors.

In this process, you stop paying monthly installments to your creditors and instead save the money... What Comes Next Is Very Important To Read!

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Credit Card

Does CC Settlement Work?

We have identified the “sweet spot” in timing for a Credit Card Debt Settlement before we even negotiate with your debt company.

We found for you the Absolute EASIEST Debt Settlement, Negotiation, and Elimination Process For Sorting out Any Unsecured Debt Problems in the United States! Visit our Support Page and get to know your teams!

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Success Stories

Getting It Done!
..“Jesse went above and beyond the call of duty. Understanding, compassionate, knowledgeable and spiritually in touch.”
—Hiram, Age 27.
Taking The Time!

“Mr. Edwards has been great at helping us to understand each step. He is very patient with us and thoroughly answered all of our questions.”
—Robert and Pamela, Ages 41 and 42.



Our Debt Experts Are Here For You!

There are options for unique financial situations. We hire Ex-Collection Agents to negotiate your debt settlement because they’re better at it. It’s that simple! You end up paying pennies on the dollar!

Instead of panicking and feeling stressed we can take care of the entire debt process for you by eliminating the hassle, confusion, and inconvenience. There is no more need to worry and feel stressed over past due bills, collection proceedings or garnished wages… because we can help you. Our clients have described us as: ”The Debt Emergency Service” because we save people time, energy and worry of having to deal with credit card debt settlement or debt consolidation on their own! Ex-Collection Agents are THE ONLY Negotiators Calling YOUR Creditors. Stopping creditors from calling you is just one of the many mandatory things we do to relieve your stress, restore peace of mind and ultimately satisfy your creditors!

There are several solutions available to resolve most financial situations.  CredEx Choice is committed to assisting you through the process of narrowing down your options, in a non-judgmental manner and provide possible solutions. Our Enrollment Agent’s will review your situation, and discuss with you your options according to the information provided. CredEx works with an attorney network, and based on the instruction of the attorney network, your Enrollment Agent will recommend the option that is most appropriate.

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